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Feminity is like a diamond. The diamond is a good metaphor to describe both the woman and feminity. Why? It is multi-faceted. It comes from the Earth. It is destined to radiate and enlighten. 

The topic of feminity has been my second nature for more than 20 years now. 

My first encounter with feminity was dance. Through dance, I could express and master my body the way I could not do it while in a static state. I have been dancing since my teenage years and it was my deliberate practice of self-expression. I danced, I listened to my body, I sang if I needed, I performed if I wanted (no need to say, most often that was a one-girl show in my own room). I met my first belly dance teacher at the age of 20. I do not want to sound fatalistic, but I knew I would dance and should learn this dance to become a happier woman. That is why my first teacher came, I was sure not to miss my chance and went to the dance classes immediately. In approximately a year, I mastered the ABC of the movements and had to go further. By that time I was already a graduate of Parapsychology academy (4 years of studies and a diploma on The Alchemy of The Spirit). Having that kind of background, I saw belly dance as a perfect body-mind practice to dive within. Since I was not able to find any school in my native town that would embody my vision, I had to start my own. That is how I became a dance teacher. It is important to emphasize that I did not teach the professional or traditional belly dance, though. Rather, I took the movements, instrumental music (Arabian, Sufi, and others) and embarked on my own journey of dance. Later, this evolved to dancing and mandala therapy. Forms changed as I experimented with the music of indigenous people, introduced the sound expression while dancing with our eyes closed, visual transformations through movement etc. I was invited to other towns of Lithuania to hold lectures on feminity and psychology, relaxation and self-development. Besides, I was an artist who painted large canvases. I was also an author (I published my first - and only - book Aš ir mano katė in 2009). I had a message, so possibilities opened up to speak and spread it. I also gave a number of interviews to local newspapers and magazines. Visas gyvenimas yra kūryba

As a publicist, I have written articles on feminity (Tavo vaikas, Mokslas. Ezoterika. Žmogus, Gaja moterims, - Pagan Matriarchy etc.) and worked as a chief editor in my own project, the magazine GAJA moterims

As a translator, I have translated books on feminity, such as Deivės niekada nesensta by dr. Christiane Northrup and Sacred Women Behind the Bars by Betty Lenora.

As a keen reader, I have read loads of books in various languages on sacred feminity, rituals, mythology, body-mind, shamanism, herbalism, and aromatherapy (those two are my hobbies). You could find Marija Gimbutas, Pranė Dundulienė, Eugenija Šimkūnaitė, Juliette De Bairacli Levy, Carl Jung, Vydūnas, Aleksandras Žarskus, and many others among those who inspire me to be a better person. 

As a visual artist, I have been drawing and painting images from the psyche, my visions and dreams (I am a dreamer, are you?). I am really into impressionism, the impressionism of the soul, to be more precise, as my teacher of art was a fan of impressionism. He used to say I painted like Chagall. When I did see his paintings, I fell in love with him (Marc Chagall). Naturally, I have been studying symbols as this is the language of our psyche. Symbols are my alphabet of art.

As a certified doula, I have studied the motherly aspect of feminity. I do not have children of my own. I have two goddaughters who are also my nieces, and a nephew. I know what being a part-time mother is, but I really love being the master of my time as I crave creation. I think being some kind of support for a woman is an innate quality and I have had sessions with women who asked for my support while preparing for the marriage ceremony, during pregnancy, before birth, or after it. My strength is the unseen. I love rituals to prepare the mind for transformation and I have been doing this for many years now. I love spontaneity and the language of the Goddess. 

As a follower of the Path of Wisdom, I love Nature. I live in the countryside where my husband and I have our own land and a forest. I do not think one has to own a piece of land to be close to it. I have always loved being in nature and I grew up near it and in it despite the fact I was born in Kaunas. However, when you own the land, you become responsible. Responsibility helps us grow. With the ownership of land, a relationship is established and you feel you have your own space on Mother Earth. 

In summer 2021, I started my project Inspiring Women. Inspiring Women is a series of English language courses, but not only that. It is about feminity, authentic communication, art, psychology, philosophy - about us, women. I take stories of famous women and convert them into engaging learning exercises. Their projects and achievements become the topic for discussion. Thus we share our perspectives, we find our voice and we get wiser during each session. We learn from each other and we inspire each other. This is how I see Women's Power. This is how I see us!

If you are still reading, I guess we are on the same page indeed. 

I would be more than glad if you wrote me a message. Do you have anything to share? What is that? Would you like to find out what Your diamond is?

Write me at

Love and Power,


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